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Clik Mooring System
Clik Mooring System - Easy
Clik Mooring System - Gold
Clik Mooring System
Clik Mooring System

Clik Mooring System

PME Mare
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Today your mooring will be even simpler thanks to Clik, the innovative system that allows you to facilitate the moment of retrieving the rope.

The first sinking buoy with remote controlled lift to be used for the recovery of the mooring line.

With Clik it's possible to retrieve the moorings directly on the bow without having to manually slide the rope from one end of the boat to the other, simplifying, speeding up and making mooring operation safer.

Two versions available: Clik Gold and Clik Easy



It is necessary to install the control module on the boat

  • Wireless actuator
  • Operating Depth 8m
  • Night illuminators
  • Up to 100 cycles without recharging
  • M-Hook - retractable rod with magnetic clip
  • Ballast for sinking



No Installation, ready to use!

  • MHOOK-e retractile bar with magnetic hook and integrated command module
  • Operating depth 8 mt
  • Night lighting
  • Up to 100 cycles without charging
  • Sinking ballast


Clik Easy does not need any installation, neither on the boat nor on the quay, and no authorization is required from the port authorities. It is immediately ready for use! When the boat is in port, Clik is on board always efficient and clean.
Clik is a portable system, in case of absence from the berth it does not prevent the sub-rent or theft of the device itself. It is extremely fast, both in the descent (about 5 seconds) and in the ascent (about 10 seconds).
Clik Easy has the automatic recall device integrated in the boat-hook without remote control!


Clik Techingal Specifications Perlage Yachting


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