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Beige and white cotton and rayon Cushion Cover with geometric pattern
Beige and white cotton and rayon Cushion Cover with geometric pattern

Beige and white cotton and rayon Cushion Covers Set

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You can no longer do without these wonderful cushions!

They come directly from Bali, the Indonesian island, where the innate sense of good taste combined with the famous artisan savoir-faire come together to give life to these wonderful design furnishing accessories.

We have personally created, among thousands of patterns and materials, a line of furnishing cushions inspired by contemporary design, maintaining the quality and refinement that characterize the island of the gods, as well as the pearl of Asia.

  • Materials: 60% Cotton, 40% Rayon
  • Dimensions: 45cmx45cm
  • The set is composed by 3 cushion covers 
  • Made in Bali, Indonesia

Please note that these articles are sold without the cushion padding in order to facilitate the shipping and they will be delivered in 7 days.


What is for us Bali

Bali is a small magical corner of Indonesia, where sweetness is present in every detail and lurks in the generous smiles of its inhabitants. Animism and Hinduism blend together to create a harmonious spirituality, which is also found in the small votive offerings in front of the door of the house and the small domestic altars and in women in silk sarongs that carry fruit baskets on the head with natural elegance, sweets of rice and flowers.

Woman who prays in Bali temple

Bali is constantly in search of the victory of good over evil and through the silence that invades the island, each one reflects on the meaning of life and questions himself about his relationship with nature and his mission in the world. The magnetism that pervades the island is so strong that it also envelops those who believe they are so far from that world in their mysticism.