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Collection: Brando Solaris

Brando Solaris was born in Corte in Corsica in 1954.

He lived for many years in France where he studied and worked with figurative and plastic arts from an early age.

He continued his studies in Italy in Florence working in the field of carpentry and mechanics to maintain himself during his youth.

A shy character, he does not use social media and does not own a computer. Very few photos of him are in circulation.

Always fascinated by the sky, by the depths, by the space and the ocean floor, he expresses in his works joy, wonder and solitude.

His artistic inspiration comes mainly from an episode that happened to him in the open sea and from which he was never able to detach. This experience has marked him throughout his life and his works reflect this episode in colors and shapes.


Tabletop - Brando Solaris


He has traveled extensively and in every country, he has incorporated the dynamics of colors and spaces.

The countries where he lived the longest are the Balearic Islands and the United States (NY and the Florida Keys), currently he lives on a boat alone.

Complex, humoral, extreme character.

One of his most beloved anecdotal phrases is: "I go to the places where Hemingway lived, trying to express in paintings what he expressed in literature".

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    Brando Solaris
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    Abstract painting with gold, purple, black and yellow stripes
    Brando Solaris
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